New SG Trio: The Bunkleys


The Bunkleys are a Southern Gospel family group, that consists of Rick Bunkley, his wife Peggy, and their son Dwayne. You will find that through listening to their music, that they have unique sound and amazing vocals that will minister to your heart and remind you of your walk with God. They have performed with groups such as the Downings, The Whisnants, The Down East Boys and Gold City.

Some of the songs that they have performed are: “I Know My God Can Do It”, “Mercy Leads Us Home”, and “Room With A View”.
Andrew Brunet shared “Through meeting Rick Bunkley, I have found a man who is such a great friend and a prayer warrior, like we all should be”. Through listening to some of their songs, you will begin to feel the Holy Spirit minister to your soul and will remind you
of your walk with Christ and where you will be headed for eternity. God has definitely blessed this group with some anointed talent for everyone to enjoy!
You can find more info about the group at or you can give them a call at 803-640-4702.

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