Knight Family To Release 30th Anniversary Collection


Three decades is long enough to amass a lot of miles and a lot of memories in Gospel music.  The Knight Family, from East Tennessee is celebrating that milestone with the most involved CD release of their career.  30th Anniversary Celebration, from the trio, features 16 cuts and some of the finest studio musicians in the world.

While the album features Knight Family classics, such as I Claim the Blood (which has been sang on state by group matriarch, Linda Knight, virtually nightly for the entirety of the 30 year ministry), Transfer Orders (a former radio single honoring Cathedral legend Glen Payne), and There’s A Refuge In Jesus (the title track from the group’s debut album), there are many new highlights to point out.

Angel Knight grew up in an acapella church in Hurley, VA.  Her grandmother, Nuvell Jackson, sang the Fannie Crosby tune, “I Shall Know Him,” often.  Not knowing how the tune went for certain, there was a lonesome and Celtic lilt to her voice as she sang it.  When it came time to record this album, the group had plenty of acapella material, but wanted to capture a certain Appalachian tone.  Adam Knight explains, “We called on Sam Levine, who has played for everyone from the Martins to Henry Mancini, to play pennywhistle and Frances Cunningham, who plays on the Opry weekly to play bazouki.  The magic they captured at TBN Studios translated to tape and gave us chills.”

Adam Knight, whose public fall and more public restoration several years ago left him with a testimony as few have, wrote the song “Man That I’ll Never Be Again,” for the album.  With the powerful lyric…”I’m not saying that I’m above reproach and I’m sure not free from sin, but I can’t help but worship Jesus, when I recall the man I’ll never be again,” the story of grace and mercy flows free.

Group matriarch, Linda Knight, closes the album with one of the finest renditions in her 48 year singing career with, “How Great Thou Art.”

Featuring East Tennessee’s finest musicians such as Adam & Aaron Knight, Tony Dingus, David Yates and Jon Presnell as well as Nashville A-listers like Bruce Watkins, Kelly Back, and Mike Schrimpf the album is 46 minutes of sonically pleasing instrumentation accompanying family, mountain style harmony that few artists can present.

Publicity by: Andrew Burnett

For more information: Knight Family Website



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