Front Porch Interview: Steve Ladd

steve ladd

As early as five years old while growing up in Dayton, Ohio, Steve Ladd felt the call of God to minister through song. The son of an evangelist, the youngster would mature to become one of the most well-liked and respected group member for some of America’s most award-winning Christian music ensembles like Gold City and The Anchormen. Although still considered a young artist, Ladd has spent the last four years traveling extensively both domestically and internationally. Performing inspirational songs like “Preach the Word” has become a personal anthem of encouragement Ladd takes wherever he goes and he reports “God moves and lives that are broken and hurting are leaving changed and encouraged at my services.”

SGM- You have sang with premiere groups in the industry like the Anchormen and Gold City quartet. You have also toured and sang with Gaither artist Michael English, featured with the legendary Stamps quartet and had 5 top 40 radio singles. That is tremendous success so far in your career. Can you tell us a little about how you got started in the southern gospel industry and was singing southern gospel something you aspired to do at an early age?

SL- I’ve been so blessed! All I’ve ever wanted to do is travel and sing.  Started with my family’s evangelistic team when I was about 5 years old.  We traveled around and did the music in my Dad’s revivals. That’s where I learned to love music.  It’s all we had. 
I fell in love with quartet music and Gold City in particular.  My childhood dream was to be their tenor singer.  When I turned 20 I started full-time with The Anchormen and spent 8 great years there.  When the opportunity came up to join Gold City, I jumped at the chance
and loved every minute of my 5 years with one of the best groups on the

SGM- Your latest project, On My Own, which was produced by Michael Sykes and Michael English, was a combination of various styles. There was literally something for all music fans on the project. Is this type of musical diversity something you plan to do on each project?

SL- I’ve always had a diverse musical taste. It was definitely the goal for the album to have something for everyone.  I sing mostly in churches with all different styles of worship.  I love the fact that my music can appeal to audiences of every age.  I love Southern Gospel and I’ll always do SG. My next project will probably have a little different sound than the last.  I’m always wanting to push myself.

SGM- Most artists have an individual or group that inspired them to sing. Who were your biggest musical influences?

SL- Growing up it was Brian Free.  I would sit in my room for hours and sing along to Gold City CD’s. As I got older, Michael English was a big influence as well.

SGM- What upcoming events are you excited about that fans should be aware of?

SL- I’m honored to be doing some dates with The Heritage Of Gold Tour this year!  It’s always a fun night standing on stage with those great groups honoring the music and Legacy of Gold City!  I also do a cruise each year in January with some great singers and speakers!  If people are interested, they can send me a message on Facebook or my site and I’ll send out a brochure.

SGM- Can you tell us a little about the decision you made in going solo for your ministry and was that a difficult decision for you?

SL- It was a decision I didn’t make hastily.  My wife and I prayed for about a year before truly feeling it was God’s plan.  At the time we (GC) were gone a lot. Seemed that we were gone more than home.  I wanted to be with my family more.  But, also felt a desire growing in me to share my heart more on a personal level.  God has truly been so good to me. I love what I’m doing!

SGM- Of the hit songs you have sang over the years, which song really touched you the most?

SL- Preach The Word has truly opened a lot of doors for me.  It’s a powerful song that encourages everyone to share the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world.  Not Guilty and Jesus Saves, from my current album, are incredible songs that speak to me. I try to pick songs that minister to me. I want to be authentic when I’m singing.  If I believe
what I’m singing, hopefully the listeners will as well.

SGM- For those interested in bringing Steve Ladd to their venue, who do they contact for booking information?

SL- They can go to my website at Steve Ladd Website and leave me a msg or call the office at 256-492-1166.  I’d love to come and share my heart and music with anyone who’s willing to have me!

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