Down East Boys CD Review


The Down East Boys new project entitled Ransomed, was released March 18, 2016 through Springside Marketing.

Album Highlights:

The project kicks off with a song titled A Reason To Sing and this tune features lead singer Ricky Carden. This is an update number with a traditional quartet feel and good harmonies. The song describes how as a Christian, we have a reason to sing and be happy.

Somebody Left The Door Wide Open is another feature for  lead singer Ricky Carden. This is a upbeat, soulful tune with a choir backup. This one will have you tapping your feet and singing along.

I Still Remember is a mid-tempo number that features classic quartet harmony. This is a catchy tune that’s  radio ready.

The Song Of The Ransomed features lead singer Ricky Carden and is an emotionally charged, moving ballad. Excellent harmonies, full orchestration and a choir for backup make this a sure bet to be a radio single. This one may be the best cut from the album.

A Thieves Paradise features tenor Steve Lixey.  This is a soft, simple ballad that showcases just Lixey’s voice on the tune. It is a standout number on the project.

Now A Witness I Am is another solid upbeat traditional quartet style tune that fans will enjoy. It has close harmonies and really has a radio ready sound overall.

The Cross Speaks Louder is a ballad thats a baritone feature for Daryl Paschal. This is another really moving ballad that showcases nice harmonies.

Overall, this is a solid effort from the Down East Boys and there’s certainly no shortage of radio single tunes to choose from. Fans of traditional quartet style music will want to pick this one up!

Song List:

A Reason To Sing
Somebody Left The Door Wide Open
I Still Remember
The Song Of The Ransomed
That’s What You Get For Loving Him
A Thieves’ Paradise
One Way One Name One Door
That Wonderful Land
The Cross Speaks Louder
Now A Witness Am I

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

For more information on the Down East Boys:

Down East Boys Website


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