The Steeles CD Review


The Steeles are a Tennessee-based Southern gospel group. Husband and wife, Jeff and Sherry Steele, make up the core of the trio. Jeff, a former pastor, has been the group’s leader and songwriting voice throughout its existence. The group has had success charting especially with their hit song from 1996 We Want America Back.  Jeff was named BMI’s Southern Gospel Songwriter of the Year in 1995 and 1996. The latest offering from the group is titled Without A Sound and was released in December 2015.

Album Highlights:

Without A Sound was the initial radio release. The song currently sits in the top 30 of a couple of charts. Jeff takes the lead on this ballad. Typical of a Jeff Steele penned ballad, this song has emotional lyrics that culminates in a solid chorus. The song describes “we are not going down without a sound“. It talks about our responsibilities as Christians to stand up and proclaim the gospel truth.  This is radio polished song with tight harmonies and a solid message.

We’re All Human features Sherry on lead. This is another worship style ballad that the Steeles are known for. The song describes all of us are human and broken and we all need grace.

Who’s At The Door is an upbeat tune that’s a little more country flavored and quiet catchy. This radio ready tune talks about the resurrected savior taking the keys of death and the grave. This one features Jeff and is a tune you cant help but sing along with.

Say So is another country infused upbeat number that features Jeff. The song talks about speaking up and testifying when we’ve been saved.

He Went All The Way is an emotionally charged ballad that features Sherry. This one talks about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. This is another radio polished ballad that should do well. It has the emotional lyrics that the Steeles are known for.

Over all this is a solid project. It leans to the ballads a little more than a typical balanced project, but ballads are what the Steeles have built their reputation on.

The project can be previewed on the MCM website below.The Steeles Facebook Page

This project is definitely a good choice to add to your southern gospel collection.

Album Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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