Front Porch Interview: Richard Hyssong


The Hyssongs travel full-time sharing the Gospel through the powerful medium of music. Dell, Susan, & Richard Hyssong encourage and delight audiences wherever they appear with their family vocal harmony, lively energetic style, humor, and brass instruments (trumpet & trombone).

SGM-  I know your family actually comes from Maine. Can you tell us a little about how your family group came into the southern gospel scene?

RH- Our family moved to Maine in 1993 when my dad accepted the call to pastor a church there. We have always loved Southern Gospel Music and attended concerts that came to our state.

Twenty years ago, when I was thirteen, a Bible Conference called and asked our family to be one of three groups singing during Labor Day Weekend. We had sung a few times together in church, but had never gone out to sing. My Dad (Dell), Mom (Susan) and I quickly learned some songs and bought some accompaniment tracks. Following that weekend our telephone began to ring. People were inviting us to come and sing at their churches. We had no sound system or CDs, but it wasn’t long before we were recording, accepting invitations, traveling, and following God’s leading. Fifteen years ago we stepped out full-time and have never looked back. Today our schedule takes us throughout the Untied States and Canada.

SGM- Your group incorporates brass instrumentation in your songs and in live performance. Having heard you live in performance I can say you and your Dad are just as talented on the instruments as you are vocally. In fact, you even released an album titled Sounds of Brass/Collection of Praise which I highly recommend to our readers to purchase. This aspect of your ministry really carves a niche for you in southern gospel. Do you find fans enjoy that aspect and appreciate its uniqueness to the industry ?

RH- Thank you for your kind words. People still love live music and so they really enjoy the trumpet and trombone. They are very powerful instruments and are so majestic. The instruments really set us apart and they do carve a niche for us as you stated.

Many promoters and churches book us because of the instruments. People don’t usually associate the trumpet and trombone with Southern Gospel Music, but our audiences and fans are won over when we play Majesty, I’ll Fly Away, When the Saints Go Marching In,or The King Is Coming.

Parents will often come up to us now and say that their kids have started taking trumpet or trombone lessons and joined the band at school because they heard us play. We think that’s awesome.

SGM- Believe was the 2015 release for the group. When can fans look forward to the next project?


RH- Our Believe CD has had many charting songs on the radio. Our new CD called Faith & Family will be released on April 15. One of the songs will feature my wife, Kelly, and our 7 year old daughter, Makayla. We want to encourage families in a day when families and morals are under attack.

SGM- Most artists have an individual or group that inspired them to sing. Who would that influence be for you?

RH- The Cathedrals came to Maine every year and we never missed their concert. Their sound and masterful MC work by George Younce was captivating. We watched, learned, and were greatly influenced by this group.

SGM- The Hyssongs travel 250 plus dates a year. How do you balance family time and life on the road? many artists cite this as the biggest challenge to singing professionally.

RH- We are probably different in that my wife and two children travel and are on the road with me. With 250 concerts, my syndicated radio program, and television program, it is definitely a balancing act. It would never work if my family were not supportive and by my side 24/7.

SGM- You and your wife have a precious little girl named Makayla. She has a remarkable story of God’s healing grace. For those who haven’t read the book you guys wrote about her, its called Makayla’s Heart: Moment By Moment and this is a must read in my opinion. Can you briefly share a little about her story and then tell us where fans can order the book to get the full details on how God moved in your lives and healed her?

RH- My daughter, Makayla, was born July 19, 2008 with more than 22 tumors around her heart and multiple brain tumors. The diagnosis was grave and we were told that she would probably not survive. If she did survive, we were told she’d never walk or talk. Without telling the whole story about her healing, let me say that God gave us a miracle.The book gives hope and encouragement to all those who read it. The book, Makayla’s Heart Moment by Moment, can be ordered through Springside Marketing or our website.

SGM- What upcoming events are you excited about that fans should be aware of?

RH- Wow! The rest of 2016 and 2017 are going to be the biggest years The Hyssongs have ever had! Promoters have booked us with Greater Vision, Isaacs, Hopers, and Jim Brady Trio to name a few. We’ll appear again this year at Dollywood and Branson’s Silver Dollar City. Also we have bus tours to Lancaster, PA, and Rockport, Maine. Those two tours can be seen on the Experience of a Lifetime web site. We are excited about all these up-coming events and look forward to seeing our friends and fans. Be sure to check out our web site and facebook us!

For more information on the Hyssongs:

For Booking Information: The Dominion Agency



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