Front Porch Interview: Joe Armstrong


Since 1947, fans have flocked to see The Florida Boys. They appeared on the first gospel quartet concert ever held in New York’s Carnegie Hall.

SGM- In all the years I have covered southern gospel music and just listened to it, rarely have I found a bass singer with your combination of range and power on the lower notes. Was being a bass singer in southern gospel music something you aspired too from an earlier age?

JA- Yes, I have loved southern gospel music all of my life. My father was an evangelist and my parents took me to singing’s and camp meetings from the time I was born.

SGM- The Florida Boys are one of the most storied and legendary groups in the industry. Can you tell us a little about what it has been like for you singing with them?

JA- Singing with The Florida Boys has been a dream come true for me. Charlie Waller , owner and lead singer for the group, is a true southern gentleman. It is an honor to work for and sing with him and all the members of The Florida Boys.

SGM- Most artists have an individual or group that inspired to sing. Who would that person or group be for you?

JA- The Florida Boys , Billy Todd and JD Sumner.

SGM- If you were to chose a memorable moment in your career to this point, what would it be?

JA- Singing with some of the original Florida Boys at Grand Ole Gospel Reunion in South Carolina . Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Derrell Stewart and Tommy Atwood .

SGM- Vocally you remind me of a combination of former Florida Boys bass singer Billy Todd and Stamps quartet bass singer JD Sumner. Do you get those comparisons a lot?

JA- Yes and that is a great honor to me .

SGM-  I think a lot of our readers would probably wonder at what age did your voice drop so low? I’m sure you’re asked that a lot!

JA-  I was born with a low voice . My Mom used to tell folks she fed me Bullfrogs when I was little . Bass is all I could ever sing. At age 9 I started singing bass in my church choir . My voice just got deeper the older I became . Singing with Awesome gospel Quartets over the years have helped me to improve my God given instrument.

SGM- What upcoming events do the fans need to know about involving the Florida Boys?

JA- We have several events coming up. Check out our website Florida Boys Website

For more information on the Florida Boys:


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