Three Current Industry Questions We Have

From the latest happenings in the industry, we have three questions that have piqued our interest:


1). Jim Brady Trio- 

With the departure of Tim Parton from the trio, what direction will Jim and Melissa Brady decide to go? They could bring in another harmony vocalist and musician or they could search for another true feature singer type vocal and add another dynamic to the group.


2). Kingsmen quartet-

While Ernie Phillips is doing a nice job filling in with the legendary quartet, who will they bring in as the permanent tenor?


3).  Mark209-

Some of you may not be familiar with this group yet but I do encourage you to give them a try if you like country gospel.Their shows are definitely entertaining and ministry focused. The group has announced the hiring of Dustin Hood on baritone. Having heard the group perform live, Dustin has a nice voice but his style is much more traditional southern gospel than the previous vocalists they have had who sang more on the lines of progressive country in style. With lead singer Jym Howe also being more traditional in style, will the group shift its sound away from country and back to traditional southern gospel or will they expect Hood to change his natural style to fit the group? It will be interesting to see what the group does.

Editors Note: Editorial articles are based upon the personal opinions of the staff writer who creates the article in question. Nothing posted here in our editorial section is intended to reflect negatively on any group or individual.  


6 thoughts on “Three Current Industry Questions We Have

  1. Having followed Mark209 for years, I believe that they will continue to evolve thier sound and make the best of each singer’s talents. Their traditional hymns certainly follow traditional southern gospel, but their version of “Dry Bones” certainly shows they are not afraid to go outside the box. I think the thng that impresses me most about Mark209 is the diversity of their fans. You will find fans from 5-105 years old who love this group of men and their love of God. We are looking foward to seeing what God is going to do in their lives.


  2. Retta, I’m curious as to how they will proceed. His voice definitely fits in more of the traditional southern gospel style. Its a change of direction for them vocally with this new addition. He does have a fine voice and I’m sure he will do well.


    • I was surprised to read in the newsletter announcing his addition to the group, that he had also sung everthing from country to hard rock, so he is apparently versatile. I met him the last time they were through South Carolina and found him to be charming. He was still learning the music, so could not really tell much at that time. Mark209 has had its share of changes at that position and has always picked singers that have gone on to have great careers in music. I am hoping that this will be a long term fit for them. I told Jym, if not, he needs to open a talent scout business, lol! Looking forard to hearing great things from them!


      • I was surprised by that as well as his voice doesn’t necessarily fit those genres. But we will see going forward how things develop! Im not suggesting a wholesale change in style, just tweaking things to shift back more towards his natural sound.


  3. I have seen Mark209 performing since their inception. The addition of Dustin to the group will not change their style; it will enhance it. If you listen to the individual voices of the group, you will notice that they are all completely unique but, when they are blended together, something totally original and unexpected happens. With Dustin’s background in country/rock, I feel that he will be a definite asset to the group and will allow them to continue to cultivate their unique style of Southern Gospel.


    • Cindy, thank you for the comment! Having obtained my BME in college far too many years ago, vocal and stylistic leanings are certainly some of the few things I’m well versed in. I understand Mr.Hood has previously sang in various styles. Howeaver, that doesn’t mean each style suited his natural vocal abilities. Each new singer a group adds changes the overall sound of any group to some degree. Groups have to adjust to either what their vocalist excels in or attempt to make the vocalist adjust what he does to fit the group. The latter rarely has positive effects. I believe Mr. Hood has a nice voice but it is a traditional SG style and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s up to Mark209 to determine how to best utilize his vocal stylings. I was merely offering my opinion. Blessings!!


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