Front Porch Interviews: Thomas Nalley


Their name is synonymous with setting the standard for male quartets since their inception in 1980. Many have tried to pattern their style and sound, but there’s only one Gold City. Theirs is a stellar career with numerous number one songs, fan and industry awards, and prestigious honors. Yet this Gadsden, Alabama-based group remains down-to-earth, grounded in their southern roots, and committed to continuing their mission of delivering power-packed four-part harmonies and singing songs that are meaningful, entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting.

In this article we get to know Gold City tenor Thomas Nalley a little better.

SGM- Can you tell us a little bit about how you became tenor for GC?

TN- I actually suffered from severe hearing loss, it was February of last year. A week before the singing at sea cruise I went to a gun range.I wore all the proper hearing protection, except that day I decided to try a different form of hearing protection. I was only there for about 30 min. When I went to pay my bill i noticed my hearing was about 5% of what it was prior to entering the range.
I was at that time singing with The LeFevre Quartet, and we were leaving out for the Cruise that night so I couldn’t go to the ENT to be checked out. That was probably the longest week of my life, wondering if I blew my ear drums, not knowing what my future held.
Fast forward 5 to 6 months of trying everything we could to remedy or sing around the issue, I finally had to resign.
A week after my resignation the new tenor came, I stayed on with LQ working the product table. I had about 5 people that had seen me at an event the guys were performing at the year before ask why I was no longer singing? They prayed for me and laid hands on me. That day the instant after the 5th person left, I received my hearing back 100%! A few weeks later Gold City was looking for a tenor singer and the rest is history!

SGM- Was singing southern gospel something you aspired to do from an early age?

TN- actually I didn’t even know what Southern Gospel was till I met my wife Sarah. She played me a tape of The Cathedrals and I was hooked! I grew up singing in chorus and church specials so I loved good harmony!

SGM- When can fans expect a new CD of the current lineup?

TN- We have just finished vocals on a classic Gold City album! It is actually being mixed as we speak! We are all so excited for everyone to hear it. We went back and recorded some great songs of the past, some that I haven’t heard since the Brian, Ivan, Mike, and Tim days!

SGM- Gold City is one of the legendary quartets in gospel music. What has your experience been like so far?

TN- It is still very humbling and surreal. Especially every time I walk into the office and see all the pictures and awards hanging on the wall. A lot of amazing talent has walked in that same room. I am thankful for the opportunity to now leave our own mark! I see daily the countless lives that our ministry touches, that means so much to me.
Honestly I thought just a year ago that my singing days were over, so to share the stage with anyone, much less one of the most awarded and respected groups of all time, is absolutely a testament to the power of God.
Looking back I see that God had a plan to place me where I am, and I couldn’t be happier!!

SGM- Most artists have a individual or group that inspired them to sing growing up. Who would that be for you?

TN- I Love The Cathedrals and Gold City! Around the time I was introduced to SG music they were at the forefront. A couple of my favorite tenors are Jay Parrack, Danny Funderburk, Chris Allman, and Wes Hampton.

SGM- This is in my opinion the best lineup of talent Gold City has had in years. For those interested in bringing you guys to their venue, who do they contact?

TN-  First of all let me say thank you for the kind words. We are beginning to hear that from a lot of people and that just blows my mind. Thinking back over all the great groups GC has put together, to be considered as one of the best lineups is such an honor.
We are just now beginning to learn each other and starting to really mesh our sound. As I said earlier I am excited about the future of Gold City and honored to be a part of that on going Legacy!

To book Gold City you can contact MG Management at 1 (865) 804-8200. You can also find info on our website at:  Gold City Website.  Also be sure to like Gold City Quartet on Facebook at: Gold City Official Facebook Page  We look forward to seeing you all soon!!





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